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UK Mobile Phones


The world is becoming a smaller place every day with mobile phones and airlines, so it's an exciting new adventure.
-- Ken Stern


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Mobile Phones and Networks

I can say mobile phone is the basic need of a person in uk, almost every one in UK including school children have mobile phones, without mobile phone literally you can't do any thing in UK, but buying a good mobile phone with a good tariff is very difficult

Mobile Phone Networks in UK

Contact Phone.
09063 025151
09063 024445

08700 700 191
08700 776 655
0845 412 5000
+44 7953 966 150
0870 7330 333
0845 6000 070
+44 7953 967 967
07973 100 150
01225 895 881
95 million
1 million
9 million
30 million

Mobile Phones


Mobile Phone Costs in UK

There are so many different tariff's offered by each network and therefore it is difficult to decide which one best suits your needs. Do you go for pay as you go or Line Rental? The choice is yours.

Call Costs:
incoming is free for all networks and all tariffs
Pay as you go:
Prepaid phone tariffs, you need to buy prepaid card to charge you phone, no need to pay any monthly charges but you need to buy your phone
Call costs £0.05 to £0.30

Line Rental:
Line rental is monthly pay phone cost of this varies according to your tariff
minimum one year contract
Free Mobile Phone, Free off peak minutes up 200 to 900(off minutes to same network or to land line Phones)
Monthly £12-00 to £35.00
Call costs £0.10 to £0.50

Phone Costs:
Phone costs vary according to their quality and functionality
Average spec phone costs £80.00 to £250.00

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