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UKs Newbie Information

This information meant to UK newbies and who is planning to visit UK, here you may find UK information about cost of living, Visas, Accommodation, Travel Medical services, Education, Job prospects and other general information. 

Welcome to UK newbie information page


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  UK Newbie

Here you can find UK newbie information, visiting places, education, qualifying tests, UK visas, cost of living, UK travel, accommodation, food, medical and health services, UK job prospects, calling cards, UK TV networks, exchange rates, UK shopping, movies and UK cassette rentals.


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Arriving to UK   

There are many aspects of living in the UK that can at first appear difficult. To help you with any questions you might have about life, visas, education, cost of living, accommodation, food, travel and health services e.t.c. in UK, the links on the left side of the page will give you some navigation to basic information about UK.

On Arrival:
When you first arrive at the UK, your first step is to pass through Arrivals, then Immigration Check for your immigration stamp. Next, you will pass through Customs Check. Once you have passed through customs, you will then continue with your onward travel to get to your final destination.

You can get UK travel information on arrival,
Several ways to travel into central London in order to catch a train or coach to your final destination include: The Underground ( Tube), Buses and coaches, Trains and Taxis.

The Underground
At Heathrow airport there are signs showing the way to the Underground
For London Underground Tube Map Click here

Other way of travel
You can catch the airbus from Heathrow Airport to Victoria Station in London, Please be aware that traveling into central London by taxi (black Cab) is extremely expensive.

Search Google for Directions
From postcode
To postcode

Things that required on arrival

Your passport with valid visa
A sweater and a thick jacket especially in winter (Also, not compulsory but try to dress comfortably, possibly a trouser, a shirt and shoes, not your traditional dress e.g. sari)
Currency in ponds.
Address with post code of your UK accommodation.
Keep some general medicines like Paracetamole.

About UK

UK Background
UK was the dominant industrial,Financial and shipping power of the 18th and 19th century, played a great role in developing parliamentary democracy and in scientific exploration . the British Empire was stretched over one-fourth of the earth's surface. UK's strength seriously depleted in 20th century with two World Wars. After second world war UK rebuilding itself into a modern and prosperous European nation. UK is a permanent members of the UN Security Council, a founding member of NATO, and of the Commonwealth
UK is a land of all kinds of life styles and classes and it is and has always been a mixed race society
About 7% of the population of Britain today are people from other cultures and ethnicities. That is about 4 million people

Area: 244,820 sq km, Population: 60,094,648, Currency: Pound (£), International Dial Code: 0044, GDP: $1.528 trillion (2002), Per Capita: $25,500

Visiting UK

You will find more information on UK Visiting Places
Some top tourist places in London

Big Ben is the name given to the clock and bell located in the (320-ft) Clock Tower at Britain's Houses of Parliament at Westminster in London
London Eye is a feat of architecture innovation and engineering. Above all it is a striking symbol of modern Britain
Harrods is a one biggest and expensive shopping center
Trafalgar Square a monument dedicated to Lord Horatio Nelson who was killed while leading the British Fleet to victory with Admiral Collingwood at the Battle of Trafalgar
Madame Tussaud's is a great wax museum with the world famous collection of realistic wax figures it also include Chamber of Horrors and The Spirit of London
Hide Park is a very big and fabulous park within London itself
Other Places: Buckingham Palace, House of Magic, The Tower of London, Along the River Thames, British Museums, Tower bridge and many more in London

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