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UK Accommodation

Accommodation in UK and London for newbies, visitors and students.  

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Types of Accommodations and costs    

Accommodation costs vary depending on where in UK you want to stay or live and the type of accommodation; for instance big cities like London and Manchester may be more expensive than other areas.

Hotel stay is quite expensive and it is not advisable for long stay.
Average hotel cost in London: Single room £50 to £300 per day; double room £75 to £450 per day
See below for finding accommodation.

B and Bs (Bed and Breakfast):
Typical Bed and Breakfasts are kind of hotels are generally provided in private homes. This means that they offer a more personal level of service but do not necessarily have all the facilities of a big hotel,
There are many kinds of B and Bs in UK, some are with full facilities like normal hotels and some are with self catering and with minimum facilities.
Average B&B cost in London: Single room £20 to £100 per day; double room £50 to £200 per day
See below for finding accommodation.

University Accommodations:
University accommodations are provided by universities for their students, they are cheaper than hotels and B and Bs and bit expensive than shared private accommodation.
Average cost: Self cooking from £200 to £450 per month (self-cooking means that you will have access to a shared kitchen where you can prepare your own meals); with breakfast and dinner from £350 to £500 per month (will not provide lunch).
See below for finding accommodation.

Paying Guests:
Paying guest means host families offer a single or a double(for two people) room. these are tow types one is with food and other is without food (without food means you need to share their kitchen to prepare your own food).
Paying guest accommodation is cheaper than any other accommodation but finding a good paying guest accommodation is very difficult.
Average cost in London(Other places are usually cheaper than london): Without Food: £40 to £ 55 per week; with Food: £55 to 80 per week.
See below for finding accommodation.

Studio Flats:
For one or two persons, one room with kitchen and toilets usually furnished.
Average cost in London £500 to £850 per month.

Single Bedroom House:
For one to three persons, one bedroom with a hall / drawing room, kitchen and toilets, usually furnished.
Average cost in London £600 to £900 per month (Other places are usually cheaper than in London)
(Council tax is extra average£ 800 per year)

Double Bedroom House:
For two to five persons, two bedrooms with one hall, kitchen and toilets usually furnished.
Average cost in London £750 to £1350 per month (Other places are usually cheaper than in London)
(Council tax extra average£ 1000 per year)

Three Bedroom House:
For three to seven persons, three bedrooms with hall, kitchen and toilets usually furnished.
Average cost in London £850 to £1600 per month (Other places are usually cheaper than london)
(Council tax extra average£ 1200 per year)

See below for finding accommodation.

Furnished are two types:
Basic Furnished: Cooker(Cooking Stove),Sofas and Chairs,Cupboard and Fridge.
Fully Furnished: Cooker(Cooking Stow),Sofas and Chairs, Cupboards, Microwave, Fridge, Hoover(Vacuum Cleaner) Washing Machine, TV and Kitchen ware.

Finding Accommodation

It is always better you arrange your accommodation before coming to UK.
Booking Hotels:
You can book a hotel on internet, search the web, find out best hotel for you, book the hotel online and take print out of your conformation page.
Some budget hotels links: Travelodge, Premierinn, Ibishotel
Some internet resources for online hotel bookings:
Booking B and Bs:
B&Bs can be also booked online,many website are providing online B and B bookings. remember to keep conformation copy with you.
University Accommodations:
You can book your university accommodation before coming to UK, contact your university for university accommodation.
University I know well is: UEL
Private Rentals:
It is not advisable to book a flat or a house without seeing it directly, many things you need see in the house before signing the rental agreement. You can search the web, compare costs and etc.
See and for cheep deals and direct ads from land lards.
Some internet resources to find private rentals:
The National Directory of Estate Agents
Association of Residential Letting Agents

Paying Guests:
Finding a good paying guest accommodation is tricky and difficult, you need to search through different sources, ask your friends, search in corner shop advertises also ask corner shop owners for local resources to find out a good paying guest accommodations, ask local community groups.

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