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Technical support for my products is very limited, telephone support is not available. Please search all the available documents and resources on this site before contacting me.

After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands.
--Friedrich Nietzsche


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here you can find some support help documents and FAQ for all my products.

  Knowledge base

here you can find knowledge base , source codes and tutorials.


Find community forums for products and other information.

  Guest book

Please sign Guest book add your comments about this site.

  My Blog

Visit my blog for my articles, discussions and comments.

  Contact Me  
  For Software CDs of my products (limited number only) contact  


Contact Support

Use support mail for all support issues. (You may not get an immediate replay to your emails). Please visit support pages before contacting me for support. Please use general mail for all other enquiries, advices and feedback.

Note- All my products are free and I can only spend my free time to develop these products.

Live Chat

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Strictly professional, products related and website related chat only

Bug and Error Report

To report bugs and error please use bug submit mail and provide the following information:
Product name:
Your operating system and its version:
Your system specifications:
Exact description: E.g. Where you got the problem, when you got the problem and the clear description of the issue.
Note- Your mail may be ignored if you fail to provide detailed information about your bug/error

Personal Contact

I'll send my personal mail id if you send your information to general contact email general mail

Note- All spam emails will be ignored and some cases we take legal action against them.

Guest Book

I would love it if you would Add your comments to my Guest book. Feel free to drop a line or sign my guest book.
Do you know me?
If the answer is YES! and you do not have any other contact details, please send an email.    mail

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