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  Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.
--Fanny Brice

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View of a friend

Before I say some thing about Mr Kiran, I would like to mention an incident which happened while I was working on a Business Intelligence Project with AT&T (EMEA) We had a problem with one our Financial reporting systems. 12 software engineers were allotted to investigate and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Having spent about 2 months on the problem, no one was able to find out either the cause of the problem or the solution.

Incidentally at the same time Mr Kiran was also working on a BI system with Fox Kids and one evening, I had an opportunity to discuss the issue with him. To my amazement, he took only few minutes to sink in the problem and suggested a solution spontaneously. That's what he is !!!
-R M Badigela (Sr System Analyst FGG Ltd)

One of the references
I’ve known Mr Kiran for the past 15 years. He’s perhaps one of the intelligent personas I’ve met in my life!. I’ve always been astounded by his cognizance, his power of reasoning, logical thinking and his unmistakable judgment.

He had always been the top performer in his studies and always fascinated his mentors with his passion for knowledge and his ebullience in knowing the intricacies of science and in learning the new things. His unquenchable desire to explore the world of computers lead him to United Kingdom where he pursued a Master degree in Computing. Currently he is working as Analyst Developer with The Walt Disney Company Ltd and he is also constantly striving to gain knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and 5th generation computers
--M.P Reddy (Project Manager Info corp Ltd London)
From my previous manager
Kiran has been employed by me at Fox Kids Europe to implement our Business Objects/Crystal Reports Enterprise site and related operations. Kiran has proved to deliver exactly what we needed, when we needed it to a high specification.”-- March 26, 2009
--Pauline Jolly Hunter, (Senior Broadcast IS Manager, Fox Kids Europe Ltd)
My work experience
Currently Working with:
Bank of America (London)
Previous work experience:
The Walt Disney Company Ltd
Fox Kids Europe Ltd UK
Anglo European Consortium UK
Kwik Systems India
Tha Tha Hospital India

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