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My Favorite Books


Wear the old coat and buy the new book.
--Austin Phelps


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here you can find my personal info, my photos , my articles and programs info that I have written and my research interests.


here you can find some of the freeware I developed, like Kiran's Typing tutor, Kiran's SQL Editor, Kiran's Source Releaser and Kiran's Task Scheduler etc.


here you can find some support for above products, help documents and frequently asked questions.


here you can find my contact information, email info and guestbook.

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Fictions and Novels

Information Technology

Some of My Favourite Telugu Books
Chivaraku Migiledi --Buchi Babu
*Simha Senapati -- Rahul Sankrityayan
*Volga to Ganga -- Rahul Sankrityayan
*Vismruta Yatrikudu -- Rahul Sankrityayan
Shasirekha --Chalam
Maidanam --Chalam
Aruna --Chalam
Kanyasulkam -- Gurajada Apparao
Asamarthuni Jeeva Yatra -- Gopichand
Ammrutham Kurisina Ratri --Balagangadhara Tilak

- * Translated from other languages.

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