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Kiran Kumar Reddy

This page is basically just for my name Kiran Kumar Reddy. "Kiran Kumar Reddy" is my given name and Kaukuntla is my last name. Please visit about me page...


Kiran Kumar Reddy

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  Kiran Kumar Reddy

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Kiran Kumar Reddy


I'm Kiran Kumar Reddy Kaukuntla, friends call me with my first name Kiran which means ray of light in my mother tongue Telugu, I born in Chollair, a small village near southern Indian city of Hyderabad, grew up in Chollair & Hyderabad city with my two sisters and a brother. My father Mr.Shiva Reddy, is an agriculturist. My mother Susheela is a housewife. Please visit about me page...

I am a software developer, currently working as Assistant Vice President at Bank of America (London). Prior to this, I worked as Senior Developer for The Walt Disney Company Ltd in London, Broadcast Systems Developer for Fox Kids Europe Ltd and various other IT companies in UK and India.
Kiran Kumar Reddy
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