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Converting time format from seconds to HH:MM:SS in Crystal Reports

Date Added January 1, 1970 | Print | Bookmark
'How can I convert time format from seconds to HH:MM:SS in Crystal Reports?
(Basic Syntax)

'Code by Kiran Reddy
'Change time format from seconds to HH:MM:SS (Basic Syntax)
'In most of the databases, time is usually saved in seconds as a string or a number
'You may need to convert the seconds field in to a proper time format

'Create a formula called "Formatted Time"
'In the formula editor select basic syntax, add following code and replace {YOUR FIELD} with your database field.
'Save and keep your formula on the report
'(You can concise the following code using formats)

Dim hr As Number 'to hold hrs part
Dim mn As Number 'to hold minutes
Dim sc As Number 'to hold seconds
Dim r1 As Number 'to hold reminders
Dim r2 As Number 'to hold reminders
Dim str As String 'to hold string hrs
Dim str1 As String 'to hold string minutes
Dim str2 As String 'to hold string seconds

hr=int({YOUR FIELD} \ 3600) 'get hours
r1=Remainder ({YOUR FIELD}, 3600 ) 'rest of seconds after hours taken out
mn=int(r1 \ 60) 'get minutes
r2=Remainder (r1, 60 ) 'rest of the seconds

'Convert all values in to strings to format in to "00" and to remove decimals (you can also use string formats)
str=CStr (hr)
str1=CStr (mn)
str2=CStr (r2)

'Get rid of the decimal values (you can also use string formats)
str = left(str, len(str)-3)
str1 = left(str1, len(str1)-3)
str2 = left(str2, len(str2)-3)

'format in to "00" (you can also use string formats)
if len(str)<=1 then
    str="0" & str
   str= str
end if

if len(str1)<=1 then
  str1="0" & str1
  str1= str1
end if

if len(str2)<=1 then
  str2="0" & str2
  str2= str2
end if

'Finally concatinate and add it to formula
formula= str & ":" & str1 & ":" & str2

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Category: Crystal Reports - General

Last updated on November 22, 2009 with 33576 views

17 User Comments

Fted Flintstone
January 1, 1970 12:33 am

That seems a bit long winded - try this:-

Dim totSecs As Number
Dim hh As Number
Dim mm As Number
Dim ss As Number
Dim mmss As Number

totSecs = your_field_here
hh = int(totSecs \\ 3600)
mmss = totSecs Mod 3600
mm = int(mmss \\ 60)
ss = mmss mod 60

formula = Right("00" & Trim(cstr(int(hh), "##")), 2) & ":" & _
Right("00" & Trim(cstr(int(mm), "##")), 2) & ":" & _
Right("00" & Trim(cstr(int(ss), "##")), 2)

January 1, 1970 12:33 am


I did everything you said
but the only thing I see is "00".

Is this working of you put the formatted field into the
details section so the formula effects every row of the
I\'m searching for a solution for a whil now en nothing
seems to work fine

I already made a method that worked but it always keeps
showing the decimals.

Pleas can you help me
I would be very happy if this problem is finally solved

January 1, 1970 12:33 am

found this on the internet...


NumberVar TotalSec := {YourTable.TotalSeconds};
NumberVar Days := Truncate (TotalSec / 86400);
NumberVar Hours := Truncate (Remainder ( TotalSec , 86400) / 3600) ;
NumberVar Minutes := Truncate (Remainder ( TotalSec , 3600) / 60) ;
NumberVar Seconds := Remainder (TotalSec , 60) ;

Totext ( Days , \'##\' ) + \':\' +
Totext ( Hours , \'00\' ) + \':\' +
Totext ( Minutes , \'00\' ) + \':\' +
Totext ( Seconds , \'00\' )

If you want to display only in hours and minutes you should use this version:

NumberVar TotalSec := {YourTable.TotalSeconds};

NumberVar Hours := Truncate ( TotalSec / 3600);
NumberVar Minutes := Truncate (Remainder ( TotalSec,3600) / 60);

Totext ( Hours, \'####\') + \':\'+
Totext ( Minutes,\'00\')

Cyndi Baker
January 1, 1970 12:33 am

In Crystal Syntax:

totext(abs({database.field} / 3600),"00") & ":" &
totext(abs(remainder({database.field},3600) / 60),"00") & ":" &

Tom D
December 14, 2009 10:10 pm


I have two words for you..


Your Crystal formula worked like a charm.

December 18, 2009 05:06 pm

Bookmarked and thank you Cyndi!!!!!!!!!

Cyndi Baker
January 27, 2010 07:33 pm

You're welcome!

Randy W
February 2, 2010 06:22 pm

I needed to modify Cyndi's slightly or I got errors with values shorter than 1 hour but more than 30 minutes, so changed it to this:

totext (floor(abs({databasefield} / 3600)),"00") & ":" &
totext(abs(remainder({databasefield},3600) / 60),"00") & ":" &

January 6, 2011 06:14 am

thanks !! it worked

October 27, 2017 01:47 pm

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