My Family
Father Shiva Reddy,
mother Susheela,
sisters Pruthvi and Teju,
brother Naveen and
my wife Keerthi Reddy

My Job
I worked in various
software companies
in India and UK, currently
working as
Senior Developer for
Bank Of America
London, UK

My Favorite Food
I like south indian dishes.
Also like some of Italian
and Thai dishes.

My Favorite Games
I am a Cricket fan
also like games like
Table Tennis.
Football and Chess.
and players like
Sachin Tendulkar

My Favorite Places
I love to travel and like
to visit all the beautiful
places on the planet
My favorite places are
Hyderabad, London.
Paris, Lake District.
and Venice.

My Favorite Films
I like watching movies,
especially science fictions
and old telugu movies.
I like films like
and Sholey(hindi)
Night Shyamalan,
and Ramgopal Verma

My Favorite Songs
I like old Hindi and Telugu
melodies and Lionel Ritchie

My Hobbies
I like developing various
products ranging from small
business applications to
complex algorithms and
I like painting, graphic
programs and playing

Memorable day1

Memorable day2